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Gelmicin Cream

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Gelmicin Cream

Antibiotic cream for Fungus on the skin, Small cuts, Sun burn, eczema and Diaper rash

What is the Gelmicin Cream?

It is a component of topical use, which has an active ingredient that incorporates ingredients such as gentamicin, Betamethasone and clotrimazole, which effectively act as recuperators of the epidermis, mostly affected in cases of irritation such as anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial.

On the other hand, they are compounds highly known to collaborate with the fight of those infections caused by fungi, as well as many other conditions that are presented in the skin.

Composition of the Gelmicin

For each 100gramos of cream we will find 0.05 grams of betamethasone, 0.10 grams of gentamicin and 1.00 grams of clotrimazole, plus 100 grams of excipients.

Mechanism of Action

The excellent and effective combination of actions Antipruríticas, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor, together with the antifungal effect of broad spectrum, is what makes this topic is so recommended and so effective at the time of attacking any condition that presents the dermis or skin

The Gelmicin Cream works primarily to counteract those skin conditions such as minor cuts, Burns, some as a result of friction, and sunburn caused by the sun. It is also reliably indicated for the treatment and prevention of Diaper rash Or those eruptions that occur from rubbing with the urine and diaper in babies.